Friday, June 29, 2018

The Creator Revealed

Have you ever wanted a simple explanation of how modern scientific discoveries about the origin of the universe harmonize with the account of creation in the Bible? Would you appreciate examples of modern scientific discoveries that support the biblical record and give evidence for God, written in language that is easy to understand and enjoyable to read? If so, then you will want to buy my just released book, The Creator Revealed, A Physicist Examines the Big Bang and the Bible.

There are many good books that discuss the relationship of science and Christianity and describe how science agrees with and supports the Bible. But almost all of those books are written in relatively technical language that can be difficult to read and understand, even for well-educated people who may not be scientifically minded. In contrast to most books on this subject, The Creator Revealed is written in simple conversational language that is entertaining and engaging. One person who reviewed the book wrote, "In The Creator Revealed, Michael Strauss writes about the mounting scientific evidence for the complete trustworthiness of the Bible and the Christian faith in a winsome, humorous style that puts the cookies on the bottom shelf so that children, youth, and science-challenged adults can understand his thesis that science is the ally of the Christian faith, not the enemy."1 The major strength and distinctive of this book is that "winsome, humorous style" that will help people understand and appreciate the truth revealed through both science and Scripture.

If you have friends, co-workers, or family members who think that science and the Bible contradict each other, I would encourage you to buy this book and give it to them. This book is for your pastor, youth minister, or colleague who isn't sure how the Bible and science correlate or believes that the Bible teaches the universe is only a few thousand years old and the big bang is an atheistic theory. This book is for the person who is a non-Christian and believes that science disproves God or that the biblical account of creation is contrary to modern scientific discoveries. If you know someone who will not even consider Christianity as a valid world-view because they think it contradicts science, this book will provide a different perspective by showing how scientific discoveries give evidence for God. I have seen that the message of this book can be an essential tool in helping non-believing people on their journey to become followers of Jesus.

The book is presented in three sections. Section 1, "The Big Bang Reveals God's Character," describes scientific discoveries about the origin and design of the universe and what they tell us about God. Section 2, "A Biblical Beginning," explains the account of creation in Genesis and shows how it correlates with modern scientific discoveries, and how a proper understanding of Genesis supports other biblical doctrines. Section 3, "Truth Changes Lives," is unlike anything I have ever seen included in any book on science and Christianity. It is a practical section showing how the message of The Creator Revealed can have life-changing applications. This section provides actual examples of people whose lives have been changed, who have become Christians or have developed a deeper faith, through an understanding of the truths presented in this book. My hope is that this last section will encourage Christians to utilize God's truth revealed in nature and in his Word as an effective tool to help others in their journey with God or toward God. Finally, there are two addendum sections dealing with evolution and some objections to the ideas presented in this book.

I'd like to tell you an interesting fact about this book. The manuscript was rejected by over a dozen publishers. They rejected it not because of the content but because the language of the book is "too easy to understand." Can you believe that? I was told by many publishers that the only people who will buy a book about science and Christianity were technically-minded Christians and because I was writing in a style that could be understood even by those who were not technically-minded that this book would not sell. One editor loved the book and wanted to publish it but his marketing team said there was no market for it and it would not sell. Another editor said that the book was really good but would not sell because it was written in non-technical language. That editor challenged me to self-publish the book and prove him wrong. So that is what I would like to do: prove him wrong.

I travel all over the world and give talks on science and Christianity to non-technical audiences all the time. I consistently find that people are extremely interested in this subject, whether or not they have a deep interest in science. I am consistently asked if I have written a book that explains in simple language what I believe about science and Scripture. I think the marketing teams may be wrong. I think there is a place for the message that science and the Bible agree and support each other, even if that message is written in simple language. I would appreciate it if you would consider purchasing the book, giving it to family, friends, and colleagues and proving that the "professional" marketers are wrong. I think the message of The Creator Revealed has the potential of radically affecting people's lives and is of vital importance to those who are, or are not, scientifically minded. I am excited that there is now an opportunity to present this message in a way that is enjoyable and engaging to all. I would appreciate your help in presenting that message.

The book can be purchased from or from the publisher, WestBow Press. I encourage you to share these links with others.

In my next blog post, I'll include an excerpt from the Preface of The Creator Revealed so you can get a feeling for the tone and style of the book.

1Written by Dr. Hugh Ross, president of Reasons to Believe, and included as an endorsement in the book The Creator Revealed.


  1. Dr. Strauss. I just ordered this book through Amazon and can't wait to read it. I am currently reading Dr. Edgar Andrews book "What is Man? Adam, Alien, or Ape?" Dr. Andrews is Emeritus Professor at the University of London, England and has published other books on science and faith.

    We hope you'll be able to come to Austin again sometime and speak to our RTB chapter.

    BTW, I started a sidewalk astronomy ministry called Psalm 19 Astronomy Society (The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the works of His hands.) You can read more about this ministry at our Psalm 19 Astronomy Society group page on Facebook.

    1. Great to hear of the books you are reading and your ministry. I would be honored to come to Austin again some time.