Saturday, December 30, 2017

One Year Anniversary

Exactly one year ago today I posted my first blog entry. On this anniversary, I want to thank those who encouraged me to write a blog and those who have read my blog over the last year. I have had about 66,000 page views during that time. Certainly this is a modest number given the scope of the worldwide internet. Nevertheless, I have appreciated my readers from all over the globe including people from Ukraine, Italy, Canada, Russia, Israel, Brazil, India, Germany, France, Australia, the U.K., Georgia, Indonesia, and of course the U.S.A., and other places. I appreciate those who have commented about the blog both publicly in the comments section and privately to me in email and other contacts. Please feel free to contact me in the future with questions, thoughts, and ideas. The worldwide reach of the internet is remarkable and given the nature of my job with worldwide collaborations at CERN, I so much appreciate the global nature of science and Christianity.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

A Transcendent God: Part 2

It is difficult to even begin to comprehend a God who is truly transcendent. We humans are constrained by the three dimensions of space and one dimension of time that we inhabit, so we tend to greatly underestimate the capabilities of a being who is not bound by these dimensions. In "A Transcendent God: Part 1" I used the book Flatland by Edwin Abbott as an illlustration to help us understand God's transcendence. The book describes a universe that is flat like a piece of paper and has only two dimensions, and the attempts made by a three-dimensional being to communicate with the Flatlanders. This analogy demonstrated that (1) it would be impossible for us to fully understand any being outside of our dimensions, and (2) we could only be aware of a transcendent being if he chose to reveal himself to us. These two conclusions definitely apply to God.

Let's look at a few other characteristics of God that are elucidated by the Flatland analogy.