Friday, December 30, 2016


For some time now I have had the opportunity to speak at universities, schools, and churches about the intersection between science and Christian faith.  Often when I speak, people ask me if I have written any further resources they can use to explore this topic in more detail.  So because of this prompting from both friends and acquaintances, I have decided to spend some time developing and documenting some resources relating to science, faith, critical and rational thinking, objective evidence and similar topics. 

Of course, I'm not just doing this because of others' prompting.  I also believe that I may be able to offer a distinctive perspective for a number of reasons. 

Although formal education isn't the ultimate standard of knowledge, I do have higher education in both theology (as an undergraduate) and physics.  Unlike some theologians who have little knowledge of science or some scientists who have little knowledge of theology, I have some understanding of the nuances of both and can dialogue about both with some level of competence.

I also seem to have the ability to communicate complex ideas in simple terms.  This has been substantiated both in personality tests I have taken and in many teaching awards I have received.  So I hope that my writing will be clear and understandable to all those who are interested.

Finally, I have a passion for the integration of science, reason, and faith.  My conclusions about these subjects have been developed over many years of study and of living a life as a Christian and a scientist.  I ultimately believe that the Christian faith is a rational belief based on evidence and that there is no conflict between scientific discoveries and biblical Christianity.  I believe the creator of the universe is the God of the Bible.

Unfortunately, much of the dialogue about science and faith tends to generate more heat than light.  Also, much of what I have read and heard from the extreme ends of the discussion either distrust scientific discoveries or outright dismiss biblical ideas.  I have found that the scientific truth I learn from observing nature meshes well with the biblical truth I learn about God.  I will be exploring the intersection of faith, reason, and science, as well as other subjects on this web-site and blog.

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  1. I look forward to hearing more from you!

  2. Yes!! We had Dr Michael Strauss speak at a function at Alcatel-Lucent once and it was fantastic. Looking forward to any/all presentations.

  3. Hi Dr. Strauss.
    Enjoyed your presentation to our Austin, TX chapter of Reasons to Believe back in 2012. I look forward to your blog and hope it achieves your goal of opening dialog.

  4. Hi Dr. Strauss,
    I am a member of the Austin, TX Reasons to Believe chapter and remember well your excellent talk to our chapter back in 2012.
    I look forward to reading your blogs and hope it achieves your intended purpose of opening civil dialog on the intersection of faith, reason, and science.

  5. Hey Dr Mike! My brother (Dr Tom, also a physicist) has done a few stints with RTB. I hope you guys bump into each other at some point!
    -Dr Tim

  6. Vaughn Mancha from Mobile RTB and Ratio Christi. Look forward to you developing further a ministry of Gods Natural Revelation to the college campus's.

  7. Funny my name has come up as "Aunt Lil". I was on a blog with a seriously ill niece for some time. I was the first leader of the RTB St. Petersburg FL Chapter and continue to be active. What you people are doing is SO NEEDED in today's world. I pray God's blessing on all your new outreach. And would someone please change my name to "Lillian Oliveira". Though, at age 78, I could probably be an aunt to Dr. Strauss. I am aunt to a physicist, Dr. Richard Campbell, of Portland, OR.

  8. May I ask what is your view of the Pentateuch, with specific reference to Moses, Exodus and Conquest?

    1. That is a pretty general question. Are you asking me if I believe there was an actual historical Exodus?