• I was interviewed by Tony Gurule on Ratio Christi's "Truth Matters" broadcast on March 6, 2017.  Video of that interview can be viewed here.

Truth Matters: Evidence from Science that God Exists
  • In March 2015 I gave a talk on "Modern Scientific Evidence for the existence of God" at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.  The next day we had a followup session in which I discussed further aspects of the relationship between science and Christianity.  The first video below deals with the question of how to start with the evidence for God from science and investigate whether that God is the Christian God described in the Bible.  The second video addresses the question of how the account of creation in Genesis is interpreted by different Christians and how it meshes so well with our current scientific understanding of the history of the universe and the earth.
From Deistic god to the Christian God

 The creation account in Genesis:  Different views and its correlation with our scientific understanding of the history of the universe.

  • Below is an in-depth discussion on the question "Has Science Disproved God?" with Dr. Hugh Ross, Dr. Michael G. Strauss and Don Deal.  This was first broadcasted on ABN's Trinity Network in September 2015.

  • Talk on Scientific Evidence for God given at University of Texas at Dallas in 2013.

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